Main advantages of the SL 33 one design!

  • Excellently well tested, we are foiling for nearly 2 years together with ETNZ and Luna Rossa
  • Our foils come directly out of the AC
  • Lowest possible weigth, built out ot prepregs and honeycomb core what makes the baot more stabil and faster
  • Already the standard SL 33 won many big races
  • Structurally extremely well developed
  • Top rigged carbon Code Zero could be sailed up wind and downwind - this makes the SL 33 fast in all wind conditions


The new SL 33 one design!


We are proud to introduce the new fully foiling SL 33 one design!
Great pictures from our friend Jürg Kaufmann
Team Prade is flying in Auckland
Team Prada and ETNZ are still test the best foils for the SL 33. The are testing the best foils for the AC 72 every day. It seams like we will see many flying boats in the future. Realy great.
Kekszalag 2012
Our friends from lake Balathon (Zoltan, Karolly, Csaba)
On Thursday the 5th July the largest and longest lake race in Europe started.
600 hundred boats at one starting line, realy impressing. Very light and shifty winds made it hard to get to the first mark. After a bad start we were only 10 th boat at the first mark but then we could get more and more forward. At the end of the race only the new  for this race build 50 foot light wind catamarn beat us for 25 minutes. We crossed the finishing line 2nd place over all and 1st place in the M1 class.
Pictures at our photo gallery
Bol Dór Mirabaud 2012
On the 16th June we took part at the Bol Dór at lake Geneve. After the start at 9 a.m. everything looked good. We were at the 5 th position over all, just inbetween all the D 35. When passing the first mark one hour from the start our crew decided to go to the french side of the lake because the weahterforcast said strong South West winds and then the French side of the lake is much faster. But the wind didn´t come.
The Swiss side where the most boats sailed was much better and we lost more than four hours to the second mark at the East end of the lake. For passing the mark there we needed one hour. No wind at all. At 7 p.m. the West wind came and we could sail back upwind and it was possible to overtake some boats till the finish line in Geneve.
At the end it was the 14 th place out of 28 catamarans. Se were all very disappointed because a much better result would have been possible. But that´s sailing.
 Rund Um 8. June 2012-06-23
Everything looked great after the start. Constant light wind with reaching. After one hour of racing we lead the field of more than 400 boats and 14 big cats for more than 2,5 km.
Than the wind stopped and turned for 180 degrees. All the cats from behind came back and some over took us. The race started again. At the second mark we were 6th but at the third mark we got the lead again.
Then a long upwindcourse to Lindau began. We could get a lead of about 3 km just 15 km to go to the finish line. The race officer committed Black Jack has a huge lead and only a technical problem could stop them. But suddenly in the very dark night we saw a boat in front of us. It was the cat “Sonnenkönig” which went completely to the other side of the lake and gets a wind shift of 30 degrees and went without one tack across the hole lake. Nobody has seen him. His tracker did not work.
It was not possible for us in the short time to get the lead back and so we finished 2nd just 90 seconds behind.
For sure we were disappointed but we saw again the enormous speed potential of the SL 33. At the end we were just unlucky.
Lattest Videos from lake Constance

Last weekend we had some beautifull training days at lake Constance. Here are some impressions.


ETNZ went supersonic at Hauraki Gulf

This week in windconditions of 25 to 30 knots and waves up to 3 m Team New Zealand set a new incredible speed limit out in the Hauraki Gulf. They reached speeds over 35 kontes while rushing downwind." The Performance of the boat is realy unbelievable," they enthused.






A nice nosedive at 30 knots. Crazy.



"BridgeRunner" 2. Place


SL 33 " BridgeRunner" won second place in a 285 boat fleet. The  Three Bridge Fiasco in San Francisco is the most important double handed race at the West Coast.

It is a handicap race with a kangaroo start. BridgeRunner started as the fastest and last boat in the fleet and finished second only 48 seconds behind the last years winner.




First SL 33 sailed in San Francisco Bay!

We are sure that we will get some spectacular pictures from the hard sailing conditions in SF Bay in 2012.


ETNZ is training and testing their two SL33!

ETNZ has sailed their two SL33 for more than 6 month now, 4 - 6 hours a day.They pushed their boats very hard and reached top speeds of 32 knots. These guys are the best comfirmation that we did go the right way with the SL33.


New Videos and Pictures from SL33
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photo gallery

First trial sails at lake Constance and Auckland (ETNZ):


Lake Constance upwind 8 knotes wind speed


Team New Zealand sailing first time in Auckland


ETNZ talks about there SL 33 two boat project:

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Sail World

Power Boat - World


SL33 - Fast, light-weight, strong, adaptable and in production


The Right Team

Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering Inc., SL Performance Race Boats GmbH, Hakes Marine, Hall Spars, Nautik GmbH and North Sails France/ Germany


The Right Size

Just under 10 meters, the mast separable in two pieces, everything

fits easily in a road trailer or 40 foot container. Travel to your favorit

sailing area whenever you want.


The Right Shape

The SL33’s curved daggerboards are designed for peak performance across all wind ranges giving the crew opportunity to push hard even in heavy winds and seas.


The Right Materials

All composite parts are constructed of Carbon prepregs and NOMEX cores, providing you with the stiffest and lightest boat possible.


The Right Fit

Fold up racks for maneuverability in tight harbours and quick rigging, stowing and transport.



The Right Concept at the Right Time brought to you by the Right Team





Two short Videos from lake Constance