With three years of experience and more than 400 sailing days

the SL Performance Race Boats GmbH has developed the SL 33 to the most

tested and fastest modern Grand Prix Catamaran of its size.

SL Performance owns the design and production rights for the SL 33 and her parts.

SL Performance organises all the sales and marketing.






Hall Spars and Rigging New Zealand

is building the the rigging and foils for the SL33.

The company specializes in making spars by using a male-moulding,

autoclave-curing method.

In combination with the Hall moulding technique, Hall's autoclave produces seamless,

virtually void-free tubes.The process results in spars that are lighter, stronger and better.

Hall Spar’s New Zealand factory boasts 30 employees including in-house engineers.

David Ridley, senior executive of Hall Spars’ New Zealand operation,

is sailing his own foiling SL33 in Auckland.








Doyle Sails NZ

Together with Mike Sanderson, director of sales, we have developed the Grand Prix Stratis ICE sails for the SL 33 one design.

This new fibre technology has outstanding stretch, weight and durability properties. Mike is sailing his own foiling SL 33 in Auckland.