About the SL 33


 The SL33 has been designed, engineered and built to:

  • Be the fastest boat under 40 feet
  • Capture trophies at all major open regattas worldwide
  • Be the boat of choice for one-design multihull fleet and match racing
  • Be the perfect training platform for the AC teams

After three years of sailing and development and some great successes in major races we now come to the next evolution step of the SL 33.


The fully foiling SL 33 one design.


We  all remember the great pictures from San Francisco when the AC 72 started to foil and rushed down the race course.

We are proud that we can now offer this outstanding sailing experience  to all sailors out there.


Team ENTZ and Luna Rossa have developed the foils for the AC 72 on their SL 33 training boats. In autuum 2013 we have received their foiling technology.


Since six month three  private SL 33s are foiling in Auckland and together with these guys we have developed the SL 33 one design, the first fully foiling one design class in this size.


Mike Sanderson with his foiling SL 33 (two times Volvo Ocean Race winner, three times AC veteran, world sailor of the year 2006) 


Mike Sanderson´s SL 33 saiiling in AucklandMike Sanderson´s SL 33 saiiling in Auckland


Dave Ridley (senior executive Hall Spars NZ) blasting with more than 30 knots down the race course.

Dave Ridley with his Crew blasting of 30 knotes down the race courseDave Ridley with his Crew blasting of 30 knotes down the race course